The flower and the herb (fiction)

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It was the seventh consecutive day, seven days since the Gods of Rain made their first appearance of the season. It was rather a short appearance though, but an appearance none the less. Lisa could now feel the weakness in herself, her throat nearly dried, she found it hard to breathe. “Oh Gods, mercy, please, some mercy”, she begged.

It had been 13 days Lisa came to life and the past seven days were the test of her resistance, her will power, of which she had fought well, so far that is. It at times took weeks and months to please the Gods of Rains and from the looks of the skies, Lisa didn’t see any hope in the immediate future. She was now a full grown, her needs increasing day by day. Despite this scarcity, Lisa was turning out to be one of the most beautiful full grown, the fields had ever seen. “You remind me of your mother, fair and strong. We all knew there was a powerful soul behind those shades of pink. There’s one within you as well” , the herb, Jade besides her spoke. Lisa was only a few hours into the world when the Gods of the Dark took her mother. And now emotionally drenched as well, with her eyes becoming weary, Lisa started losing her senses.

When she regained consciousness, the Gods of the Light had taken their departure. It was pitch dark but thanks to the full moon, the visibility wasn’t at stake. The skies still clear, Lisa took a deep breath in disbelief. “Something is not right, the winds are clearly saying it. Look, its a full moon tonight. The history has in it , full moons have never been kind to our clan, never”. Jade spoke out again. She knew it was Lisa’s 13th day on planet and she knew what the full moons brought with them.

It was a similar time and day when Lisa’s mother departed on a full moon’s. The Gods of Rains had appeared that day, all of a sudden. They came down with a tremendous force, along with their ally of the Silver Lights, that even the human race found it hard to deal with. Lisa knew nothing of this day. Jade preferred to keep her thoughts with herself, closed her eyes and a sudden chill went down her spine.

Meanwhile, tens of miles away, Ben and his cousin, Sarah were riding their Hyundai on NH4, towards their farmhouse for weekend outing. “The weather is quite pleasant, isn’t it?”, said Sarah, taking a deep breath. “Yes, it is, but there’s a forecast of thunderstorm tonight and I just hope we make it our farmhouse before we are struck by it”, One could easily make out the nervousness in Ben’s words. Sarah peeped through the window to get a glance of the skies, “Looks like the dark clouds are just following up with our pace”, she said. Ben tried to pace up his Hyundai, but there was actually little he could do. Apart from the moonlight, there was hardly a source for vision. He knew he had to be cautious here.

There was a huge sound as to which Jade was on her toes, again. She and Lisa looked around for threats, only to find a mammoth sized object, completely unidentifiable to them. It was Ben’s Hyundai that had just taken a stop near the fields. “I just can’t help it. Two minutes, only two minutes and I’ll be back after the leak”, Ben rushed out of the door before Sarah could say a word.

“Oh gods, as if we hadn’t had enough for the day. Wonder what this one from the human clan is up to at this hour of night”, spoke out Jade. Lisa had heard all kinds of stories of the human clan. The mighty and the mercy-less human clan, they called them. She could feel a rush of rage and fear within her, which wasn’t a surprise to Jade. “I don’t wish to be a pleasure object for these men. I don’t wish to wish to lie on their on their dead either. I don’t wish myself struggling for life, I don’t”, Lisa cried out loudly. “They took your aunt away from us, those men of the cruel clan”, Jade still had her memories fresh of that day as though it was yesterday.

When Ben was done, his sight fell on Lisa. Bright and bold, it was hard for anyone to not note her presence in the fields. “What’s the matter Ben? Hurry up, its already drizzling”, shouted Sarah. “You got to come here Sarah, look what I have found. Come out soon and bring me my Swiss knife.”

The drizzle was definitely a relief for Lisa and Jade, but the threat in-front of them was far bigger and far dangerous. “They are coming for us Jade, they are coming”, Lisa was nearly trembling this time as the words came out of her. Sarah was awestruck when she got a glance of Lisa. “Oh my dear, what a wonderful creation that is”. And they began moving towards Lisa. Hell was nearly upon Lisa, she knew it, Jade knew it.

Lisa looked up the skies, in ray of hope “May the Gods of Rain have some mercy”. Ben was just a couple of steps away from Lisa, when he took out his Swiss knife in full flow. He bent down to get hold of Lisa, when the sharp arrows of the Gods of Rain struck Ben and Sarah very hardly and continuously. They were so sharp that Ben lost his balance, lost his knife as well and crashed onto the fields. Half his body was immersed in mud, dirt and small insects from the fields. The ally of the Gods of Rain, the Silver Lights too joined the party and in huge numbers. Terror was now upon Sarah and Ben, they knew it. Sarah pulled her cousin back to his feet, “Come on Ben, forget that blossom, it ain’t safe here now”. Ben left with a feeling of disgust, for losing his precious knife, for the foul smell the fields gave him, for losing Lisa. He hated losing, the men from the human clan always hated to be on the losing side, no matter what, no matter how small or big the opponent was.

Lisa had lost her balance too. Her back was in shambles and there she was, lying on the fields that gave her life and her home. “I’ll finally meet mother now, Jade”. No doubt she was in pain, but Lisa smiled broadly. “Yes, you will see her my child”, Jade was in all tears, she knew the Gods had heard them. “May the Gods of the Dark bestow peace on my little girl, Lisa. She has been a good child”. she kept repeating herself, closing her eyes.

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