The Black Beauty (fiction)

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I tightened the grip of my foot gear and rose back to feet. The look on my companion’s face said it all. He was afraid for me, no doubt he was. The affection we have been sharing for each other, over these months made the moment a little difficult, for him and for me. I held his hands gently in mine. On any day, a touch of these hands on my shoulders would give me the strength, would boost my confidence like mammoth in this world was conquerable. But not today. Today I saw those hands tremble in my own.

“Can’t you wait for some more time, my dear friend”, he said. I took a deep breath and spoke, “Its about time mate, I got to leave and now. Any further delay will cause us great risk”. He placed those strong hands on my shoulder and moved closer to embrace me, “Take care brave friend”. I nodded, “You are in charge of the house till I return and I am sure you will do well. And if you don’t hear from me in 24 hours..” He cut in between, “You will come back. You have to come back.” I held his hands more firmly, “If you don’t hear from me in 24 hours, take charge and do what it takes to keep the house stand tall”. And not a second I had finished speaking, he embraced me again.

I armed myself from head to waist and headed towards the stairs. My heart was already pacing itself the moment I was in front of my horse, the black beauty I called it. I made it take a bath and also fed it this early morning. It was all roaring to be ridden. I mounted myself on top of it and slowly raised my glance as far as they could allow me to reach. With every moment, the dark forces were heading closer to us and faster. With every moment, I could hear the heart pump louder and faster. “You got to do this and now. You got to do this and now”, the voice kept repeating itself within me. I pulled the visor of my head gear down, patted my horse a couple of times and kicked it hard.

It was not even a mile I was off on my horse and I could see myself approaching the City Commander’s Tower, through my head gear. The commanders had opened the gates for the northern roads, the one on which I was riding my black beauty on. I felt relieved when I saw the open gates, but that was just for a fraction of a second. The eastern gates were due to be opened and I had barely ten seconds to make it through. Failing to go through would make me wait for nearly 600 seconds. And the with threat of the dark forces looming around, I could not afford to miss out. Every second and every moment was crucial to me.

I patted my horse again, kicked it harder this time and made it ride as fast as it could get. The countdown at City Commander’s Tower had now entered single digits, nine, eight, seven, it screamed. It appeared though the numbers reducing from the tower were adding up to my pulse. I let myself blink for a fraction of a second, made my horse take a swift right and raced across the white horse in front of me. The equation was clear, five seconds and about ten meters to cover. “That should be simple”, I said to myself. Keeping the pressure on my horse, I made it take another swift right and roared to cross the eight legged blue stallion ahead.

I saw myself going through the City Commander’s tower just when the two feathers of one were spreading out to six for a zero. I glanced the Commander’s assistant with a broad smile, only to get a curious hard stare in return and only to realize I was still a few meters away from crossing the tower. The partial phase out of my cerebrum wasn’t a pleasant guest for my cause, though it was for a fraction of a second. The blue stallion had put in nearly seventy percent of its effort to pass through the eastern roads. The black beauty roared back against me, with my hands immediately coming over her chains and I pulled them hard. The thirty three sections of my vertebrae jerked, sending up a sharp pain to a major portion of my skull. The two feathers had now turned to six in reality and the gates at the City Commander’s Tower had been closed. I had failed to get through.

I saw the feathers change their colour in an instant, from bright green to bright red. The spreading continued in three folds now, from six to eighteen. I would have to wait, wait and wait for an eternity for the eighteen to turn to two. I raised the visor of the head gear and took my vision upwards, again. The dark forces were all over us, covering most of the areas of my vision, after a complete stretch. Before the cerebrum could process my reaction, out came the shining blue arrows of the dark forces. At a slower rate in the beginning, but gradually increasing in pace and number with every second. The little black wings over the guards of my vision began to lower itself. The weight of the arrows was just too much for them. And with every moment, the resistance of the thirty three was tested and the pressure over the cerebrum increasing. Along with the weight of the head gear, the skull and the thirty three took a sharp drop over the black beauty. I no longer possessed the control and command over myself and neither did I possess that of my horse. All I could remember myself was the heavy thundering of my pulse, raising its position from the chest to the throat. The guards of my vision had now completely lowered themselves and my vision was lost.

I blinked my eyelids for a couple of times and all that filled my eardrums was the honking of the vehicles behind and adjacent to me. The traffic signal at the Indiranagar 100ft road was in its green state for over four seconds. I gave an electric start to the four stroked motored machine I was mounted on and rode off. The black beauty I called it, my new found love in Yamaha SZ RR.

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