Wired (fiction)

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Kormangala, Bangalore.

Its 9 O’clock in the morning, the sun is out and bright in the silicon city of India. Its only the month of February and it appears to me, the summers have pre released themselves in Bangalore, that too without showing a single trailer. I crib a little. This is can be a little annoying for guys like me who love the winters & like to bring on those multiple layers of clothing.

I arrived at the bus stop to start my short daily journey to the office, where I am welcomed with honking of vehicles and loads of dust. And I crib again. I look around the stop in a casual manner and my glance got stuck on one of the bloke sitting on the bence like structure, under the shade. Dressed in formals, with the employee tag around his neck, he was nothing short of 6 feet in height. A frameless glass sat on his nose and he carried a complexion which was fairly common in India, a lighter shade of brown. A minute observation at his beard, which had a few grey areas made me believe the person was in his 30s.

He possessed a unique creature in his right hand, that was thin, elongated and blue in color. It was wrapped among-st itself, in a circular yet haphazard fashion. One end of this creature had a tapered, golden yellow colored ending. Moving towards it other end, somewhere in the center of the length, it split itself into two equal halves.

The creature found itself straightened and its top end with two diversions went on to connect to the person’s brain, with the other end not to be in sight. A change in emotions could be clearly seen. He was suddenly aggressive, agitated and verbal.

I moved my glance towards the young lady sitting next to this person. It took me by surprise seeing the lady also possessed a similar creature and this too had its connections to her brain. The only difference, it was white in color and on contrary to the man, the lady was quite content with herself.

Before I could know any more on these, I had to jump in the bus and move to my office. A crowded bus meant I had very less chance of getting a seat and was to stand all the way during the journey. Well, it might be a coincidence or a bit weird, but most of the passengers on the bus had these creatures too. And these were also attached to their brains. It was as though they controlled their brains and didn’t want any interaction between people. And as with the man and the lady at the stop, some were content, while others were not.

I took a deep breathe in disbelief and shifted by gaze towards the street, through the window, only to find more of such men and women around the street. It was not surprising this time, it was depressing and frightening. No one spoke to each other, no one greeted each other. All of them connected and controlled by these creatures. It seemed to me that it was by choice and not by force.

As my destination was about to arrive, I moved towards the door and waited for the bus to halt. I saw my reflection in the glass door and froze. My brain was also connected and controlled by one of such creature. The split sections had enlarged themselves towards the end and were further connected in a semi circular manner. I slowly started to lose my senses.

I woke up with a thud, found myself profusely sweating, lying on my bed, in my very own house. The heart ran loudly with some part of the shirt soaked in sweat. I searched for my cell phone and found it was 6 am on a Saturday morning. The weekend had just began.
The creatures mentioned above were earphones / headphones.

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