The tiny warriors (fiction)

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My tired pair of legs are moving themselves as fast as they can. The mind looks at them and says, “these pair have really got some good stamina”. The slippery and muddy surface below isn’t helping them much in my cause. I try to calm my fast pumping heart but I fail. I try again and I fail again.

I look behind in search of their origin and slowly expand my vision towards the sky. I find myself without any answers as it is well past evening hours & skies have turned pitch black. It seems to me they are coming from a far off place and I wonder why they are chasing me. They are chasing every other living being on the street or is it simply my illusion? Be it whatever, it’s not the time to find a reason but rather, it’s the time to escape and escape I must, very soon. So I turn, get back to my path and the high stamina pair of legs resume their service.

They are tiny creatures, very very tiny creatures. But they are coming down in huge numbers, probably in multiples of crore. They are hitting my body with great speed and are slowly trying to conquer it. My heart is now pumping even faster and this time I don’t try to calm it. I see no point in trying again and eventually, failing again.

As I walk in search of a safe shelter, I see the tiny creatures in group, are creating havoc among people on the street. Some are stuck while some are taking the risk of escaping. I soon find a shelter under a restaurant, but I believe it’s too late. The creatures have already conquered every part my body. Nonetheless, I step inside the cafe and order for a cup of coffee. I occupy the corner table and suddenly there’s a cold chill running down my spine. I shiver a little and slowly begin to sip some coffee.

I can see the street I just came from, through the glass wall adjacent to my table. Those tiny creatures are still hitting very hard and have now started to appear on the glass wall. I can clearly see some of them. It seems they are trying to cling on to something and are failing every single time in doing so.

As my cup of coffee is completed, I find less of these tiny creatures on the glass wall and less of them on the street as well. The havoc has now come down and people are getting back to their normal life. Meanwhile, the heart is also getting back to its normalcy. I decide to resume my journey with a hope of it not getting hampered again.

The tiny creatures are water droplets and those coming down in huge numbers are the Bangalore rains.

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